West Hollywood

Famously one of the most vibrant areas of Los Angeles, home to creatives, sunseekers, and anyone seeking an exciting lifestyle.

Welcome to West Hollywood

A bustling urban center of creativity and nightlife
Famously one of the most vibrant areas of Los Angeles, West Hollywood is nestled in a central location surrounded by Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, and Hollywood itself. A hub of activity that draws more than just tourists, West Hollywood is home to creatives, sunseekers, and anyone seeking an exciting lifestyle surrounded by culture, glitzy nightlife, and more hidden gems than meets the eye.

What we know as West Hollywood today blossomed from a trade route that connected Hollywood to ranches that dotted the coast. That trade route became known by a very famous name: Sunset Boulevard. Now, Sunset Boulevard is the heart of West Hollywood, bringing together all types of people in a city iconic for its modern sensibilities, gorgeous home architecture, and energetic life.

Brimming with an exclusive appeal, the architecture of West Hollywood makes already-scenic views all the more attractive. Lined by trees despite an urban locale, the city’s architecture brings a unique elegance to the area. Breathtaking historic hotels, the surrounding Runyon Canyon, and unique single-family homes work together to create this hubbub of life and culture.

What to Love

  • Late nights spent with friends and award-winning cocktails
  • Incredible restaurants with unique stylings and non-stop entertainment
  • Incomparable charm throughout the blend of old Hollywood and sleek modern atmospheres

Local Lifestyle

One of the most walkable cities in California, West Hollywood abounds with the excitement of a progressive bustling downtown. Residents love the city for its bright lights and abundant energy.

Never a dull moment, West Hollywood residents enjoy an urban feel complete with resplendent nightlife and creative opportunities on every corner. Young professionals, celebrities, and creatives alike are proud to call this unique city home. With careers in many sectors ranging from creative industries, entertainment fields, healthcare, and more, there is no shortage of opportunities throughout the area.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

West Hollywood is home to a mix of the city’s trendiest restaurants and long-time staples. A midnight stroll isn’t complete without an exclusive dinner or a creative new cocktail, all enjoyed after a few hours of soaking up the art scene.

Minimalist and known for its warm atmosphere, French restaurant Tesse boasts a destination for any chic diners right in the heart of West Hollywood. After dining with some of Tesse’s carefully curated wines, head for after-dinner drinks at Tower Bar, a chic and historic lounge bar that also offers dining and luxury amenities to its clientele.

After an evening out, there is no better way to recuperate than with the unequaled Verve Coffee Roasters, where every night owl can greet the morning with top-of-the-line lattes. Sourced sustainably with a commitment to community, Verve serves as a great starting spot along Melrose Avenue, a shopping district brimming with worldwide sensations, local must-haves, fine and casual eateries, exclusive brands, and more.

Things to Do

A California gem of culture and progressive community, West Hollywood’s heart is the Sunset Strip, one of the world’s most famous locales for anything nightlife, extravagant, and fun. With a touch of 60’s glam, Sunset Strip boasts expansive music venues, lush bars and lounges, sleek clubs, comedy clubs sure to make you laugh, and some of the nation’s best shopping and eating opportunities. Some of the strip’s greatest hits include The Soho House, an elite members-only social club. Or, head further down Sunset Strip to The Comedy Store, the first-ever exclusively stand-up comedy club in the entire world.

Of course, digging into the historic architecture surrounding West Hollywood is another great option, such as through the Schindler House Architecture Tours. A unique historic take on communal living, the house displays the creative heart West Hollywood has had since the start through its experimental design, commitment to the arts, and quintessentially Californian vibe.


West Hollywood boasts top educational opportunities. Served by the California Distinguished Los Angeles Unified School district, other great education options include: West Hollywood Preparatory School; a private school committed to serving children from kindergarten through 12th grade with a great teacher-to-student ratio
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